Interview with Daniela Arias

I met Daniela Arias last summer in Onishi, Gunma while she was doing an artist residency at Shiro Oni Studio.
Daniela Arias at work in her studio in Kotoriya
From: Patagonia, Argentina, currently Buenos Aires

Currently: Illustrator for graphic design and editorial.

Tell me about your work and your medium?
I started in graphic design and moved into illustration. Mostly I use water color and pencil on paper. I like lines. I paint as if I’m using drawing material.

I love illustrating. When I imagine something it’s like a comic. I imagine things in panels. I think I don’t communicate very well. What I do is like a bridge. If I have a pencil I can draw and I feel like people can understand who I am or what I am thinking. But I think whoever is making art is doing that.
daniela-arias-5-webInteresting Point that Daniela Made During Our Discussion
We make what we make to understand who we were before this moment. What makes us the way we are now.

Why did you choose to come to Japan.?
I’m a big Japan fan. I wanted to come to Japan for ten years. I really like that in Japan people talk about anime and manga and it’s not just for children. Even adults have a favorite Studio Ghibli movie.

Why did you choose Shiro Oni?

I decided that when I come to Japan I wanted to have a real taste of what it is like to live in Japan. I like what Shiro Oni is trying to accomplish. It was great to participate in the culture here. I’m in the matsuri (festival) not just taking pictures of it.*

daniela-arias-1-webWhat are you working on now?
I planned to do an illustrated travelogue. After meeting local people. I changed my idea. I want to make short stories, fantasy-style recollections of my travels. I also want to do some portraits–not a real life style. I like drawing people the way I remember them.

Find out more about Daniela’s work on her website:


Daniela’s studio at Shiro Oni

This post is an excerpt from a July 23, 2015 post on my blog The Spendy Pencil.

Yukata Style: Location Shoot with Louise Rouse.

This was a great collaboration project with Louise Rouse and Michelle Zacharias. We worked on direct mail images for Louise’s print show, Solo at 30.

Louise did the concept and styling of the shoot and Michelle was an amazing assistant director. The idea was yukata in Yoyogi Koen with (hopefully) a few of the rockabilly guys and gals that perform near the entrance, or beating the heat with a nice kakigori (shaved ice with sweet syrup). We got a couple of shots with a great rockabilly couple.

It was a super hot summer day but it was worth the effort. Lots of compliments on the amazing Hiroko Takahashi yukata Louise bought and many people admired the hair by Hikaru Terada.

More of Louise’s work can be seen at her Behance page.

Shoot Accreditation:
Styling: Louise Rouse
Assistant Director: Michelle Zacharias
Photography: Lori Ono
Makeup: uncredited
Hair: Hikaru Terada at Warren Tricomi
Yukata by Hiroko Takahashi

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